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for&by is a queer collective of 

entertainment industry professionals and artists

who are creating authentic media

for the LGBTQ+ network AND a searchable

database for filmmakers who would like to

include more diversity when staffing up for a project.


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Why We Exist

The LGBTQ+ story has been portrayed through the straight, white lens for far too long. We are building a searchable database of entertainment industry professionals within our own community to create connections, in an effort to create more authentic media.

We grew up in a world with little to no relatable, positive role models in cinema was fine, since we didn't know any different, but we can do better for the next generation of dreamers. Now more than ever, it is important for media content consumers to see the LGBTQ+ community in an accurate, and honest light.

for&by exists to highlight upcoming projects and opportunities for and by the LGBTQ+ community. We want to make it easier for creatives to find projects that reflects their own values and tastes. We also are here to help connect industry professionals that want to create quality LGBTQ+ content together from within our for&by community.

Our stories are valid and relevant, and we should be the ones to tell them to the world. We can be powerful, inspirational, and positive role models across genre lines.

Our Values

Diversity. Inclusion. Visibility. Authenticity.


Are you a professional in the entertainment industry, identify as LGBTQ+, and are creating media content for the LGBTQ+ community? Come help us with Phase 1: Building our database. We invite you to sign up with our growing community and change the landscape of entertainment.